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Posted by Leopoldo on May 17, 2015

In the following video you may watch a short videoclip showing a prototype made so far:

Herewith you can find a brief summary with some remarkable features of the vehicle:

ELECTRIC POWERED: With two set of batteries, one of them portable and the other one integral, inside the frame. If needed, batteries can be fast charged in just 20 minutes. The estimated range is 40 Kms, but it can be easily increased if the user carries additional portable bateries.

SOLAR: With two solar panels to charge the batteries at “zero cost”, making it ideal in isolated areas with no electricity. One of the panels is working as a roof for the vehicle protecting the user from rain or sun (This panel can be automatically folded on the backside of the vehicle if needed e.g. to better capture the solar rays if the sun is at the rear).

FOLDABLE AND UNFOLDABLE (In four different configurations): The vehicle changes quickly (10 seconds) from one configuration to another automatically, just pushing a button on the operation panel or remotely via mobile phone (Bluetooth), therefore it becomes extremely easy-to-use.

COMPACT: The vehicle gets really small when folded and it can be easily carried like a “suitcase” to any flat, office, hotel, etc (it fits in any lift with no problem) therefore there is no need to be parked outside unlike any other standard vehicle. Also, it perfectly fits in any car boot or if needed it can be shipped by air, train, boat, etc.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL (Two systems in just one vehicle) : It allows the user to travel either in standing position (for pedestrian areas, sidewalks, old cities with narrow streets, etc) or sitted (for roads or long rides), depending on the configuration chosen.

Summing up, the vehicle meets 100% an increasing demand worlwide on new, low cost and sustainable means of transport (clean energy, no noise, no need to be parked and excellent mobility)

Regarding applications and markets, it becomes an excellent urban mean of transport in traffic-jammed and polluted cities with (usually) lack of parking spots but there are many other apps too: Golf courses, Amusement parks, Airports, Fun routes, Trade shows, Couriers, Security patrols, Large factories or industrial areas, etc. In addition, the fact of being a 3-wheel vehicle makes it ideal for disabled or elderly people due to its outstanding stability vs. other 2-wheel vehicles